Part 1
A.I.R. Gallery Celebrates 50 Years as First U.S. Artist-Led, Feminist Cooperative, Digital Exhibition Commissioned by The Feminist Institute Launches…
When most people think of an archive, they think of rows of dusty boxes in governmental buildings, usually holding municipal records. It’s something…
It's great to have you here.
International Women’s Day is Launch Day!
Ephemera is a cornerstone of cultural archiving — but what exactly is it?
Project Background, Interview, Highlight of Cassandra Grant
Project Feature: supersisters™Watch now (6 min) | Part 3: Extra! Extra! -- supersisters™ Coverage Then and Now
TFI's raffle features signed books from Billie Jean King, Elizabeth Lesser, Diana Nyad, and Phoebe Robinson!
Chapter 1 of the TFI-commissioned digital exhibition, A.I.R.: The First 25 Years, is now available on Google Arts and Culture! Roxana Fabius, A.I.R.’s…
Red Robinson, Michela Griffo, Sharee Nash and Wanda Acosta
Part 2, The Question of Radical Empathy