Who are we?

The Feminist Institute (TFI) is a postcustodial digital archive that works closely with records creators, independent memory projects, and collecting institutions to prioritize increased access to feminist contributions to culture through digitization and preservation of born-digital materials. While our goal is to increase digital access to feminist documentation, our primary commitment is the relationships with our partners, users, the community, and other information professionals.  

Why subscribe? 

If you’re interested in feminist archiving and legacy building, this is the place for you. We feature independent memory projects and interviews with their creators, personal digital archiving how-tos, in-depth looks at our digitization projects and literature reviews on what the TFI staff is reading.  

In a time of misinformation, big tech + data and the censorship that comes with it, it’s more important than ever to invest in community-based, feminist archiving as a means of world-making, and we hope you’ll join us in that project.  

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The Feminist Institute
Creating a free and accessible digital archive that highlights feminist contributions to society.
Emily Whitcomb
IUPUI class of 2023 - English: Professional & Public Writing Intern w/ The Feminist Institute
Allison Elliott
Archival and Special Projects Coordinator at The Feminist Institute. Pursuing a Media Studies + Social Justice MA and Interactive Technology + Pedagogy Certificate at CUNY. Mostly Interested in queer history and community archives.