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Alive in the Archive is back!

TFI's interview series is relaunching with a fresh look and a renewed focus on personal digital archiving on April 5.

On the last day of Women’s History Month, we’re delighted to announce the relaunch of our interview series, Alive in the Archive, which seeks to amplify gender-marginalized voices by exploring personal archiving as a feminist act.

The Feminist Institute is dedicated to preserving feminist contributions to culture to create a more accurate and inclusive historical record. While much of our work is centered around preserving collective histories, the power of an individual’s voice and legacy is equally important. In a time when gender-marginalized voices are often excluded from mainstream cultural narratives, we stand steadfast in the belief that personal archiving can be a powerful tool to reclaim and amplify these voices. 

TFI believes that personal archiving is a feminist act because it challenges traditional notions of who is worthy of being included in the cultural record and whose stories are worth discussing. Alive in the Archive, initially launched in 2020, focuses on individuals’ feminist contributions to culture and the legacy they hope to leave for future generations.

The series consists of ten-to-fifteen-minute interviews released bi-monthly on our newly designed website and our YouTube channel.

The visual refreshment of the series was designed to reflect its name. Presenting Alive in the Archive in a colorful and vibrant way activates archives. Furthermore, TFI uses the series to highlight that preserving legacies is an intentional action that happens in the present, not after we are gone. 

In the interviews, we will talk with notable feminists and thought leaders across different disciplines to hear their personal takes on archiving and legacy preservation through questions on feminism, activism, education, gender, race, and industry. By incorporating unique lived experiences into these conversations, the cultural record becomes less fractured and more representative of the voices who truly occupy it. Ultimately, we hope the series inspires our audience to consider preserving their own legacy and sparks conversations about the value and importance of protecting feminist narratives.

We invite you to join us on this journey of exploring the power of personal archiving as a feminist act. Our voices are stronger together and create a more inclusive and diverse historical record.

We are thrilled that our newest episode will launch on Wednesday, April 5th! Check out the image below for a sneak peek of our interviewee.

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